Nikki Hudson

Nikki Hudson

Sales Manager

Nikki is an experienced and ambitious person and has enjoyed being back in the work force for the last 8 years after taking time off to have her two children, Jayden 10 years and Ashlee 8 years.

Her customer service experience over the years includes some time as a Senior Telstra Manager along with other roles that required her to deal with both corporate clients and the general public. She believes that the high pressure situations she has worked in and and the patience of a mum gives a great appreciation for her current independent role and offers her clients commitment, hard work and dedication.

Nikki has a dedicated involvement in the local community through her own sporting commitmemts as well as her previous involvement as President of the South West District Football Netball League – Netball Division, amongst other roles within the League over a 10 year period. Coupled with her proessional background this provided her with additional hands on opportunities for conflict resolution, negotiating skills and the co-ordination of a large number of delegates and other Executives within the League.

We are proud to have Nikki on board and back in the Industry she is incredibly passionate about. Her attributes are a benefit to the Agency and all her clients and a perfect fit for the company ethos - Honesty - Integrity and Ethics.

If you are thinking about Selling or Buying, or would simply like to get an understanding of the potential value of your home, don't hesitate to contact Nikki in the first instance. You'll be glad you did.