June 25, 2019


When you purchase a DHA investment property, you get one of the most secure property investments available in Australia – with no tenanting obligations and a rental income that is guaranteed throughout the lease term. Key benefits include : 

  • Guaranteed Rent paid monthly, on time every time until the end of the lease even if the property is vacant.
  • The majority of repairs and maintenance are covered by DHA.
  • The home is repainted internally at the end of the lease (for leases beyond 6 years)
  • The home is repainted and re-carpeted at the end of the lease (for 9 years or more)

In addition the property is professionally cleaned; appliances are cleaned and handed over in good working order; and the dwelling, grounds and landscaping are in a neat and tidy condition.

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DHA (Defence Housing Authority) Lessors are responsible for Insurance, Rates, Body Corporate if applicable and the service fee of 16.5% inc GST. (13.2% for apartments or townhouses etc).

When considering the service fee it is important to factor in the benefits of DHA PROPERTY CARE inclusions. This fee is not at all comparable to a property management fee from a typical residential property agent as it includes many additional benefits including : 


DHA are responsible for the “day to day” type maintenance. It may be more practical to provide typical examples of what would NOT be included under DHA Property Care program :

1. Large landscaping works ie. removal of a large tree.

2. Replacement of boundary fencing (repair and maintenance of boundary fencing is covered)

3. Any insurable damage.

Throughout the lease term, DHA are responsible for organising and covering the cost of most non-structural repair and maintenance, including the replacement of fixed appliances as needed. The owner does retain some obligations, but your responsibilities are significantly reduced compared to conventional residential property investment.

DHA maintain the property, with the exception of fair wear and tear, for items such as:

  • walls and ceilings
  • doors and windows, including security screens
  • window coverings (e.g. blinds and curtains)
  • floor coverings (e.g. carpet and tiles)
  • lights, light fittings, power points and switches
  • built-in appliances (e.g. stove, air-conditioning and hot water system)
  • wet areas (e.g. plugs, tiles, vanity units, shower screens and towel rails)
  • gutters, downpipes, gates, garage doors, letterbox and clothes line, and
  • general upkeep of grounds and gardens (e.g. plants and mulch).

If you are keen to review the list of currenty available DHA Mid Lease properties for sale CLICK HERE now.