CAPITAL GROWTH (Updated July 2022)

Houses in Bohle Plains produced capital growth of 16.4% over the past five years, 20.9% over the past three years and 7.9% over the past 12 months. 


The estimated gross rental return of 5.5% is considered exceptional for Houses. Rental properties suitable for families are expected to enjoy strong demand. With a low vacancy rate of 1.8%, it is likely that there will be continued strong demand for Houses in Bohle Plains.


The owner occupier ratio is currently 69.4%


Bohle Plains is about 20km west of the Townsville CBD and more than 1,330km from Brisbane city. It is governed at the local level by Townsville City Council.


Bohle Plains recorded a population of 3,200 at the 2016 Census. About 78% of its residents were born in Australia, with the majority of those born overseas being from New Zealand and England.


There are limited facilities in Bohle Plains at this time, however, there is an abundance of shopping and sporting options in Townsville. The Willows Golf Course is in the adjoining suburb of Kirwan and the Willows Shopping Centre is in Thuringowa Central, both only a short drive away.


Bohle Plains is a 24-minute drive to the Townsville CBD. The bus takes about an hour and typically runs every 60 minutes. The drive from Townsville to Brisbane city is more than 1,330km and takes close to 15 hours. The flight is about one hour and 45 minutes long.


There are no schools in Bohle Plains. However, the surrounding suburbs do offer a range of education options, notably Ryan Catholic College and St Benedict’s Catholic School.

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